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Apex Legends Halloween Event | Release date, skins, zombies mode

An Apex Legends Halloween event has been discovered by data miners after the Season 3 update went live. Spooky business is almost certain to descend on our heroes and villains, with leaked skins and a possible zombies mode being patched in as part of these celebrations. If that’s piqued your interest, you’ll want to know when the Fight or Fright release date will. Read our Apex Legends Halloween event guide to get the full lowdown on this and more ahead of October 31.

Apex Legends Halloween Event | Fight or Fright launch date

Apex Legends Halloween Event

First up on the docket for our Apex Legends Halloween event article is its launch date. With this only being a leak so far, we don’t have a confirmed release date from EA or Respawn. We only know of its presence thanks to leaker Shrugtal, who posted the details on their Twitter account after the Season 3 update went live.

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That has never stopped us from speculating though. Halloween is right around the corner, and Respawn will want players to enjoy everything this limited-time event has to offer. October 31 falls on a Thursday this year, and Respawn usually drops new updates and patches on Tuesdays. As such, we think it’ll arrive on Tuesday, October 29, and stick around for a week or so.

Apex Legends Halloween Event | Limited-time mode and special skins

Apex Legends Halloween Event

In terms of what you can expect from the spooky spectacular, it’s possible that Apex Legends will be getting its very own zombies mode. Again, we have Shrugtal to thank for this. In the same Twitter post, the code alludes to “Loot bin creatures” and “Shadows” that you’ll need to kill to complete certain challenges. Whether these end up actually being zombies remains to be seen, but they won’t be far off.

As for special skins, the files state that a Lifeline Heirloom bundle will be a reward for completing challenges during this event. It’ll be available via Apex Packs after the event, but you’ll want to get it for free instead. Other skins to look out for include this one for Wraith and this one for Gibraltar. Hopefully we’ll have official images of these in the near future.