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How long to beat The Last of Us 2?

How long it takes to beat The Last of Us 2 is one of the questions that many players have certainly been asking themselves for some time now. Naughty Dog’s anticipated sequel takes a steep turn to the dark side, starring a vicious Ellie and a still very mysterious and rugged Joel. The new adventure is bound to be a lot bigger than the first game, with official statements claiming that this is the studio’s most ambitious project. But how long does it take to finish The Last of Us 2 story?

How long to beat The Last of Us 2 | How big is the game?

How long to beat The Last of Us 2 City

The Last of Us 2 is a huge game by current single-player standards. Naughty Dog’s vision for Ellie and Joel’s journey led to the scrapping of the multiplayer mode, but it will return as a standalone game in the future.

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While speaking to Segment Next, The Last of Us 2 narrative director Halley Gross said that the new game is about 50% bigger when compared to the first game. This puts the completion time at around 23 to 25 hours, considering that the first The Last of Us can be completed in roughly 15 hours.

These figures aren’t to be taken as a rule, however; The Last of Us 2 is a game that invites repeat playthroughs, with each run likely to show you different aspects of the game. You will discover new reactions from Ellie, the enemies, and the game world as you take your time to painstakingly explore the surroundings.

The Last of Us 2 is generating immeasurable buzz among the gaming community, part of it coming directly from its developers and featured stars. Troy Baker, Joel’s voice actor, recently said that he hoped he could forget about his work in The Last of Us 2, a game that is bound to be bigger, but likely also much better than the first title.