Troy Baker wants to forget The Last of Us 2

Troy Baker has said in an interview that he’d like to forget The Last of Us 2 — but it’s not for the reason you might think. Sure, The Last of Us 2 looks like it will have a thrilling and terrifying story, and I’m sure there’s going to be three or four emotional gut punches that will require some eyebleach. But that’s not why Mr. Baker would like to forget his time with the game; rather, he thinks it’s just that good.

“I’m trying to do a mind-wipe because I wanna experience this as much and as freshly as possible,” Troy Baker said in an interview with Gamebyte. He shared some interesting details about what we can expect from The Last of Us 2, although he was (unfortunately) quite cautious about how much he was revealing.

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While the first game had a rather straightforward experience, Troy Baker reckons that the sequel is going to be a much more complex game.

“[The Last of Us 2] is far more…detailed, I would say,” he said. “There’s just a lot more that’s happening. I get concerned about telling too much not because I want to spoil anything, and not for me getting in trouble, it’s for you as the player, for me as the player.”

Mr. Baker also highlighted the carefully-controlled public message that has been put out by Naughty Dog surrounding the game. He says that Naughty Dog Vice President (and The Last of Us 2 Co-Writer) Neil Druckmann has “very, very carefully selected” what exactly we’ve been shown so far. In Troy’s estimation, it’s not about preventing spoilers insomuch as it is keeping the magic of experiencing the whole story alive.

The comments he’s made in that interview paint a picture of a game that looks like it will be an excellent sequel to such a well-received title. Not only will it be better, mind — it will also be bigger.

“Just in terms of scope, without getting too into-the-weeds with details, the scope of the game is far larger…Not just from the world sense, but the enemies that you’ll face, that has grown.”