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Gran Turismo Sport 1.46 Update Patch Notes

A brand-new Gran Turismo Sport update is live and ready to be downloaded and installed right now. There’s not a whole lot to the Gran Turismo Sport 1.46 update, but you can race to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of Gran Turismo Sport 1.46 update patch notes, anyway. It’s always nice to know what’s been added, fixed and changed in an update. This is why we’ll run you through the Gran Turismo Sport version 1.46 update highlights down below, too.

Gran Turismo Sport 1.46 Update Highlights

Gran Turismo Sport 1.46 update

As stated above, the 1.46 update is neither the biggest nor best update for the PS4 racing sim. Despite this, however, it does bring with it one interesting change to do with the game’s opening movie. It’s not often something like this changes this late on into a game’s life.

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Opening Movie Changes

The opening movie has been updated rather dramatically. This new version showcases the esports angle of the game far more than it ever did, before moving onto showcasing just how much the game has changed since its initial launch. You’ll see dramatic shots of a whole host of the game’s car garage and locations, all set to a sweeping orchestral score. It is dramatic stuff for sure.

If, though, you’re a fan of the original opening movie from the game, it is still in there. While you won’t see it play when you begin the game anymore, you are able to find it in the “My Library” section of the game’s menus. Simply head there and look in the “Videos” section in order to locate and play any videos that are in the game.

Alongside the opening movie change, you’ll also find your usual lot of various issues being addressed. Unfortunately, the developers don’t go into any more detail than that. Read the full patch notes below.

Gran Turismo Sport 1.46 Update Patch Notes

Read through the complete (but small) list of Gran Turismo Sport 1.46 update patch notes below, courtesy of Sony and Polyphony Digital:

Main Features Implemented

1. Opening Movie

  • The opening movie that plays when the game is launched has been updated. (You can view the new movie, together with all previous videos, at any time from the ‘Videos’ section of the ‘My Library’ menu.)

Other Improvements and Adjustments

  • Various other issues have been addressed.