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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Down | When will maintenance end?

Players with the Gold and Ultimate Editions of Ubisoft’s new tactical shooter, which is scheduled for full release this Friday, are likely wondering “Is Ghost Recon: Breakpoint down?” at the moment as they encounter an error message when attempting to play the game. In this instance, thankfully, it’s scheduled and nothing to worry about, but still, when can you expect to get back to shooting bad guys?

When will the ongoing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint maintenance end?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint down

The official Ghost Recon Twitter account recently announced that Breakpoint will be undergoing maintenance starting at 10:30 UTC / 6:30 EDT / 3:30 PDT  on October 3 across all of the available platforms. That’s PC, PS4, and Xbox One to be exact.

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The estimated downtime is just 20 minutes, so maybe go and grab something to eat or drink and by the time you get back Ubisoft’s maintenance should be nearly over. Or, you know, you could also just whip out your phone and watch social media intently for maintenance status updates…

Ubisoft’s announcement also confirmed that there will be no player-facing changes made to the game during the 20 minute maintenance period, which means that the work is likely geared towards improving server performance behind the scenes on their end. That’s a good thing, definitely worth the relatively short player downtime, as there have been plenty of early reports regarding issues with the release state of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

Many players first got their hands on the new title during last week’s open beta, which came so close to the final release that many deemed it at the time to in fact be more of a demo. With lots of the issues from the beta persisting into version 1.0, it looks as though those perceptive players might’ve been right.

Hopefully, there will be a notable improvement to the game’s technical and network performance when it’s back up, especially considering that those in search of a classic squad-based experience will need to venture online due to the current lack of A.I. teammates in single-player.