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Borderlands 3 Judge Hightower | Target of Opportunity location

Completionists that are making their way through Gearbox Software and 2K Games’ long-awaited looter-shooter may be looking to unlock the “Zer0ed” trophy or achievement for finding and defeating all of the assassination targets laid out by Zer0, who was originally a playable Vault Hunter in Borderlands 2. This goal has led some to struggle with finding the Borderlands 3 Judge Hightower boss character in particular, however, so here’s exactly where you need to go to put him out of his misery.

Where is Judge Hightower in Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 Judge Hightower

First things first: None of Zer0’s targets are missable, so you can hunt down Judge Hightower and his cohorts at your own leisurely pace. With that out of the way, Targets of Opportunity in Borderlands 3 are classed as Crew Challenge collectibles and only appear on your map when you enter close proximity to them. This can make them difficult to locate, but players can at least rest assured that there’s only ever one present in each map location.

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Judge Hightower and his gang are located in the Lectra City area of the planet Promethea, specifically in the most northern area, which slightly juts out to the east when viewed from the in-game map screen. After traveling there players can first expect to be ambushed by Hightower’s grunts, then finally the man himself, who sports heavy armor and a heavy-duty gun in trademark Borderlands fashion.

After defeating Judge Hightower, who should be level 17 so be sure to level yourself appropriately for the fight, players will be able to claim a free weapon that’s been mailed to them as a reward. This can be done from the Social menu, but perhaps more importantly, players are now one step closer to having eliminated all 10 of Zer0’s targets and ultimately receiving the “Vicious Lyuda” Legendary sniper rifle as their quest reward.

This rapid-fire rifle is pretty powerful, so you better get to hunting down the rest of the Targets of Opportunity in Borderlands 3.