Doom now runs on a McDonald’s cash register

If there is one game that is likely to run in any piece of hardware, that game is Doom. We’ve lost count of the devices where you can play the 1993 hit from id Software, one of the precursors of the first-person shooter genre. Now you can play Doom on a McDonald’s cash register, thanks to the work of 19-year-old Ryan Edgar.

It’s not every day that you get to take home an outdated cash register, but Edgar managed to grab one at a local McDonald’s which was replacing its machines. What would anyone do with such an antiquity? Try to get Doom up and running, of course.

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According to Kotaku, Edgar’s first steps involved downloading ZDOOM onto a USB: “[I] downloaded ZDOOM (Doom XP) on it using my personal computer, plugged it into the USB in the cash register and ran it through there with auto run,” he said.

A USB splitter was used to connect the keyboard and mouse, a clear improvement over other pieces of tech where Doom runs but is barely playable. Edgar isn’t entirely sure of the specs of the McDonald’s cash register, but it is a POS machine and therefore a computer with an operating system.

This may not be the most impressive feat of them all, since Doom runs on tech as diverse as printers, graphic calculators, digital cameras, and even an ATM. However, it still ranks high on the improbability meter. If you could play a few minutes of Doom while you wait for your order to come, it would surely be a nice bonus. It’s likely that the current McDonald’s cash registers can run newer games, so maybe someone will campaign for it?

Edgar did mention that his next goal is to get Sonic Adventure 2 running on the cash register, but the question that is in everyone’s minds is the following: Is it capable of running Skyrim?