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Apex Legends Shadowfall Mode | How to become a zombie

We’re well into October now and that means that with Halloween approaching many of your favorite games will be adopting seasonal modes and attire, foremost among which is perhaps EA and Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game. Recent leaks point towards an upcoming Apex Legends Shadowfall mode, but what exactly is this mysterious new mode and how can you access it?

How to be a zombie in Apex Legends‘ new Shadowfall mode

Apex Legends Shadowfall mode

Twitter user Shrugtal has been very busy leaking all manner of tidbits about the spooky event that’s making its way to Apex Legends in celebration of Halloween. When digging through the game’s files they’ve found assets for an altered map called “Abandoned Night King’s Canyon” and an animation of a zombie rising from the dead, but undoubtedly the most exciting discovery is the outline for a new game mode.

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Of course, this mode is Shadowfall and the description of what players can expect to find when they boot Apex Legends up this Halloween is certainly intriguing. It’s said to be a free-for-all (FFA) match type that features in-game loot crates that are infested with spiders and the ability for dead players to resurrect as zombies. Meandering around a dark iteration of the iconic King’s Canyon map as a traditionally slow-moving member of the undead might not be too entertaining, so luckily it’s also reported that players will control “fast” zombies.

So, to play as a zombie you’ll first need to die, which makes perfect sense. Before you go throwing yourself at enemies in an attempt to become a zombie as quickly as possible, however, you might want to attempt to stay alive to be one of the final 10 players that get to engage with an interesting new co-op element for the game.

The last remaining group of survivors will be instructed to reach a specific area and then required to defend their position from the swarm of player-controller zombies closing in. If they can hold out until an evac ship comes to extract them, kind of like the final moments of a Titanfall match, they’ll be declared the winners.

No exact release date for Shadowfall is yet known, though it’s basically guaranteed to be here before the end of the month.