Untitled Goose Game release is promptly followed by real goose crime

The Untitled Goose Game release apparently stirred up the species, with one very real and similarly untitled goose deciding to make a name for itself. Clearly, House House’s depiction of geese is fairly accurate, judging by the way that one bird flew into a taxi, causing some costly damage to the car.

The goose-related incident happened in Nottinghamshire, England, as an unwary taxi driver suddenly found himself with a shattered window and visibly disgusting bird droppings spread all over the backseat.

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The crime was reported over the radio by a Radford Road Police officer, with the rest of the force saying that they “had to see it to believe it.” After all, it’s not every day that geese commit crimes of this nature, or perhaps we weren’t as observant before. With the release of Untitled Goose Game and the titular bird’s annoying antics, the gaming world opened its eyes to a new breed of feathered criminals.

The outcome of this event wasn’t the most pleasant for the taxi driver, who had to repair the damage at his expenses. The goose was taken to the vets and there is no report on his condition yet, although it’s highly likely that he’ll be ready for more shenanigans in a few days.

Jokingly, the Radford Road Police tweet says that the goose was probably trying to find his way to Goose Fair, one of Europe’s largest fairs with a selection of rollercoasters, water rides, and many other attractions. However, there is a distinct lack of geese over there, so the poor goose was probably confused by the name of the fair.

With the warm reception that the Untitled Goose Game release is getting, a sequel or DLC is a highly likely possibility. What kind of mischief will the goose be involved in next is open to speculation, but judging by this real life untitled goose event, perhaps we get to smash a few car windows along the way.