This Untitled Goose buddy will wreak havoc on your Windows desktop

It’s plain to say that Untitled Goose Game was one of the biggest indie games to hit in 2019. From humble beginnings to sharing the stage with The Muppets, the simple story of a goose and its penchant for chaos. One fan loved this untitled video game so much that he created a titled desktop application in its honor. Now available on for free, Desktop Goose brings the popular harbinger of mayhem to your Windows PC.

As seen in the trailer, Desktop Goose is a seemingly sentient desktop buddy, not unlike Microsoft’s Clippy or Bonzai Buddy from the good old days of Windows XP. Desktop Goose won’t sing a song for you, but he will track mud on your desktop, pull in pictures from offscreen, and grab your mouse and take it away. He’ll even write you messages with small Notepad windows if you’re up for a chat. Basically, if you ever wanted to play Untitled Goose Game from the perspective of the poor farmer, this is your ultimate chance.

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Creator Samperson also offers an alternate AI on the itch page that loves to cause chaos specifically with video games, just in case you’re a content creator looking for a fun new spin on a night of Fortnite. Talking about the creation on Twitter, Sam calls his program a “glorious tribute to House House and their fantastic game.” When he’s not creating desktop tyrants, this teenage developer works on VR gaming experiments he releases on Patreon.


The developers at House House haven’t yet commented on the Desktop Goose, but it’s doubtful that they’ll be angry at the inspired take on their Untitled Goose character. It’s just another event in the tale of a popular fowl who just wants to do what he wants and honk in people’s faces.