Untitled Goose Game Lego set probably coming to store shelves in 2021

A little over a week ago, we reported on an Untitled Goose Game Lego set that was submitted to Lego Ideas, an official platform to propose new Lego sets. It seems like the idea has resonated with the Lego community and gaming community alike — this proposed Lego set for Untitled Goose Gamecrossed the 10,000 supporters threshold in under two weeks.

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A quick background on Lego Ideas: pretty much anyone can make a creation and then submit it to the platform, asking for votes from people who have signed up to the community. You only have a short period of time to reach 100 supporters or the idea fails. Make it to 100, and you have six months to gain some more supporters. Further milestones also give additional time to ultimately reach the 10,000 supporter requirement — and this honkin’ good Lego set has done it.

The project page for the Untitled Goose Game set shows that it’s made the magical 10,000 supporter mark, a particularly surprising feat considering that Lego had only congratulated them on 5,000 supports on January 24, 2020.

Now that it’s hit the finish line, the idea is sent off to Lego to be evaluated for production. We can’t say for sure when it comes out, but consider the time between the Lego Ship In A Bottle hitting 10K supporters (December 2016) and coming to stores (February 2018). Licensing issues might slow things down a bit, but I think it’s safe to say you’ll be able to buy this cool kit sometime in 2021.