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Apex Legends Season 3 Battlepass XP Reset Bug | Why is my level going down?

The Apex Legends Season 3 Meltdown launched on October 1 and is filled to the brim with content. There’s new Legend Crypto, the new World’s Edge map, and a new Battle Pass. This time, players are satisfied with the generous amount of new content, which wasn’t the case with Season 1. However, there is one Apex Legends Season 3 Battlepass XP reset bug that is causing much chagrin within the Apex Legends community.

Apex Legends Season 3 Battlepass XP Reset Bug | My XP keeps fluctuating

Apex Legends Season 3 Battlepass XP Reset Bug Match Summary

There are abundant reports from Apex Legends players that they aren’t getting their Battlepass unlocks or climbing levels. This seems to be a problem that is transversal to all platforms, PC, PS4, and Xbox One, judging by the several pages of players asking for help on the official Apex Legends support page.

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The Season 3 Battlepass bug happens when players finish a game, earning their due XP, but the Battlepass stops leveling up and sometimes even goes backwards. Reinstalling Apex Legends doesn’t help, as some players tried to no avail. The bug is preventing players from leveling up, with many reports revealing that they are stuck on Battlepass level 3 for ten matches. Other players get a match summary showing that they hit level 8, but the Battlepass progression stats are different, reverting to level 7.

Apex Legends Season 3 Battlepass XP Reset Bug | How to fix

This is a serious concern for Apex Legends players who have purchased the Battlepass, but it looks like Respawn has identified the issue and is going to proceed with a fix soon. The official response is that the bug isn’t directly connected to the Battlepass, with the problem being on the Match Summary screen.

Community Manager EA_David says that the Match Summary screen “is misleading at the moment,” leading to a lot of understandable confusion. It is giving fake levels, and the best way to accurately track your Battlepass progress right now is from the Challenges bar on the main page.

After several replies to disgruntled Apex Legends players, EA_David admits that the “Match Summary is lying,” stressing once again that “the XP is being tracked properly” and everyone should be getting the appropriate Battlepass content. While this doesn’t mean that some players aren’t getting other kind of progress-impairing bugs, the vast majority is advised to ignore the post-match screen until a fix is deployed.