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How to play NHL 20 for free on Xbox One

EA and Xbox are partnering up to celebrate the beginning of the 2019 to 2020 NHL season by offering free play days for NHL 20For this weekend only, Xbox Live Gold members can play NHL 20 for free their Xbox One. Lace up your skates and grab your stick because it’s time to face off against some of the greatest hockey players of all time. Here is everything you need to know about the NHL 20 free play days on Xbox One.

Play NHL 20 for Free | Free Play Days

play NHL 20 for free

If you keep up with the latest Xbox news, then you’re likely aware of the free play days promotion. Essentially, these are video game free trials. If you like what you see during the free play days, you can buy the full game, with your progress carrying over. The latest free play days game is NHL 20 and it is kicking off today. From October 3 to October 6, Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can download and play NHL 20 for free.

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There are two ways to download the game, both of which are simple. If you want to get the download started now, you can head to, sign in to your account, and download NHL 20 from the game page. If not, you can download the game straight from your Xbox by going to the “Gold Member Area” on your Xbox One dashboard and looking for the NHL 20 icon. Either way will work and both will allow players the chance to try out the latest NHL game for free.

There are five modes that EA and Xbox are encouraging fans to try out: Signature Shots, Eliminator Mode, Ones Now, Squad Battles, and Alumni Teams. Each of these can be found in the game and aim to offer a refreshing and exciting experience to players. If you want to play NHL 20 for free, then you better get started on the download, because the game clock is slowly counting down.