NHL 20 battle royale announced during game reveal

If you’re wondering if you read this title wrong, you didn’t. NHL 20 battle royale was announced earlier today as EA revealed tons of new information about the annual installment to the NHL video game series. While it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that EA Sports is getting into the battle royale genre, it is still a bit strange to get used to. This is the first of the EA Sports title to receive a battle royale mode and might even pave the way for more to come in future games.

The NHL 20 battle royale mode will be known as Eliminator and will put 81 players up against each other in a survival, winner-takes-all tournament. Players will be able to play in groups of one or three, allowing them to play alone or with friends.

Essentially, you will be able to choose from an elite roster of NHL players who will be battling it out to determine who is the best player, which is an unusual choice for a sports game. FIFA 19, however, also had a battle royale mode.

The NHL 20 battle royale mode was not the only news that came out today surrounding the annual title. EA also revealed that this year’s cover star would be Auston Matthews, the center for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Matthews is only 21 years old, so this is quite a big accomplishment for the young star.

In addition to battle royale and a new cover athlete, EA also revealed some other new features that will be included in NHL 20. New features include Superstar Signature Shots, 45 new shot animations, and a new roster of NHL icons for Ultimate Team.

NHL 20 is not the only game that got a battle royale mode today, as Mario is receiving a battle royale game. Mario Royale is indeed a thing. It is a browser-based game that pays homage to Super Mario Bros. If you’re interested, you can read all about Mario Royale here.