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Chupacabratch Borderlands 3 Location | Where to find the Legendary Hunt target

Multi-skilled Vault Hunters might also be spending a portion of their time with Gearbox and 2K’s cel-shaded shooter hunting animals for Sir Hammerlock, but one particular beastie is proving harder to find than most. Here’s the Chupacabratch Borderlands 3 location to help those that are struggling to locate the elusive creature.

Where is the Chupacabratch in Borderlands 3?

Chupacabratch Borderlands 3 location

Hammerlock is back and this time around he has you traveling all over the galaxy in search of obscure monsters on his Legendary Hunt questline. Taking out each target will earn players some cash, experience points, and Eridium (a crystalline currency used to buy special items like skins and weapons), so players will want to be sure to kill each and every target that the mustachioed Sir lays out for them.

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You might need a bit of help with that where the Chupacabratch is concerned, however, as the blighter has been proving difficult for many to locate. Rearing its head in the first batch of hunts, the creature is located on the planet Athens and is particularly easy to miss owing to its obscure hiding location.

When players enter the vicinity of the monastery, a map marker should appear and reveal the general location of a nearby challenge. Follow the marker and the Chupacabratch can be found tucked away in the northeastern corner of the small offshoot you find yourself in when consulting the in-game map screen. The beast is actually kinda small and cute in its own strange way, but don’t let that fool you, as it’ll be matched to your current level in order to provide a challenge whatever stage you’re at in the game.

Now that you know the Chupacabratch Borderlands 3 location, after slaying the little guy it’s time to proceed with the rest of Hammerlock’s Legendary Hunts and claim all of the spoils the questline promises.