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Ghost Recon Breakpoint SMUGGLER-00100 Error Code | How to fix

If you’ve picked up a copy of the latest tactical shooter to hit French publisher Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy brand, you might have encountered the Ghost Recon Breakpoint SMUGGLER-00100 error code. Encountering errors is always far from ideal, so we’re here to help you get the issue fixed and get back into the game as quickly as possible.

How to solve SMUGGLER-00100, SMUGGLER-00105, and SMUGGLER-00106 errors in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint SMUGGLER-00100 error code

Most common among these three SMUGGLER errors is 00100, but all three of them relate to similar issues. It’s a problem that can be caused on the client end, which means that there are steps you can take in order to try and remedy the issue without having to rely entirely on Ubisoft implementing a fix in its own time.

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These various SMUGGLER errors all mean that the player’s connection to the Ubisoft servers has been lost. This can occur for one of two reasons: Either the servers are down or experiencing issues (players can check the official Ubisoft Support website to track the current status of servers), or that the network connection of the PC, PS4, or Xbox One being used to play the game has dropped.

If you’ve checked the server status and there aren’t any issues, your problem is most likely the latter, which is a good thing assuming that there aren’t serious underlying issues with your home internet connection (those will require contacting your service provider). Players should perform all of the usual checks in order to troubleshoot their internet connection, like ensuring that wired ethernet connections are securely made and that wireless connections are of sufficient strength to sustain an online gaming session.

We’d recommend resetting your router and re-performing the network setup process on your chosen platform, which for a majority of players should be sufficient to get them up and running.