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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Drone Not Working | Deploy Drone bug fix

Players have been left frustrated by a reoccurring Ghost Recon Breakpoint deploy Drone bug. This glitch is preventing you and others from using your Drone for particular assignments. It’s super annoying if you can’t use it for battles, reconnaissance, and other bits and pieces. If you want to know how to fix your drone not working, we’ve got you covered. Our Ghost Recon Breakpoint deploy Drone bug guide will give you tips as to how to resolve it. Once it’s fixed, we can all stop droning on about it. Pun intended.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Deploy Drone Bug | Unable to activate

ghost recon breakpoint deploy drone bug

As the article title attests to, the Ghost Recon Breakpoint deploy Drone bug doesn’t allow you to use your Drone at any point in the game. Threads about the issue have been popping up on the game’s official forums, and people want to know if there’s a way to remedy the situation.

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PC and PS4 users in particular have been affected. One thread explained that, no matter what key they bind this action to for PC purposes, they simply can’t activate their Drone. PS4 players, meanwhile, have tried spamming the “up” button on their gamepad to no avail.

How to fix Ghost Recon Breakpoint deploy Drone bug

ghost recon breakpoint deploy drone bug

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official fix from Ubisoft for this yet. The development team is likely hard at work trying to sort out other errors that have appeared since the game launched.

According to one reply in the PC thread above, there is a workaround for this, though. If you fast travel to an area, or log out of the game and then back in again, the issue solves itself. It’ll come back at some point, and it’s very annoying to have to keep logging out and in, but this is the only way to play the game with your Drone. Ubisoft is aware of the problem and, hopefully, will resolve this soon.