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Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt | Event details, rewards, and more

In celebration of 10 years of Borderlands, Gearbox is hosting a special in-game event that will allow players the opportunity to collect all kinds of rare, legendary loot. During the Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt event, players will be able to hunt down some of the rarest creatures Pandora and the surrounding planets have to offer. Your efforts will not be wasted, as you will be rewarded a variety of legendary loot based on the enemy types that you defeat. Here is everything you need to know about the Rare Spawn Hunt event start time, details, rewards, and more.

Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt | Start Time and Event Details

Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt

The Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt event will begin on October 8 at 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT and will run until the same time on October 15. As we mentioned above, this event is part of the Borderlands 10-year anniversary celebration, and is just one of the events taking place this month. During the event, players will earn specific rewards for killing specific creatures. However, simply killing any creature will not earn you a reward, you need to kill Rare Spawns, which will be detailed in the next section.

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Once the event kicks off, finding Rare Spawns will be a little more difficult, but killing them will be worth a bigger reward than normal. Any Rare Spawn that is killed during the event has the potential to drop some Legendary loot. Thankfully, there are a handful of enemies that players can hunt down during the Rare Spawn Hunt event, so let’s take a look at them.

Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt | Rewards and Rare Spawn Enemy Types

As you can see in the list below, in addition to lots of enemies, there are also handful of rewards up for grabs during the Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt event. Each of the Rare Spawn Enemy types that will have an increased chance of dropping Legendary loot can be seen in the list below. Additionally, next to each enemy type is the Legendary item that they might drop.

  • Borman Nates – Psycho Stabber, Legendary Pistol
  • Demoskaggon – Random Legendary Shield
  • El Dragon Jr – Unleash the Dragon, Legendary Artifact
  • Force Troopers – Random Legendary class mods
  • IndoTyrant – Random Customization
  • Maxitrillion – The Horizon, Legendary Shotgun
  • Mother of Grogans – Random Legendary Artifacts
  • Princess Tarantella II – Hive, Legendary Rocket Launcher
  • Rakkman – Night Flyer, Legendary Pistol
  • Red Jabber – Random Legendary Grenade Mod
  • Road Dog – Redline, Legendary Shotgun
  • The Unstoppable – Band of Sytorak, Legendary Shield
  • Thunk & Sloth – It’s Piss, Legendary Grenade Mod
  • Urist McEnforcer – Masterwork Crossbow, Legendary Sniper Rifle

Get out there and start hunting, Vault Hunter.