Rainbow Six Siege 1.74 Update Patch Notes | Y4S3.2 update

A brand-new Rainbow Six Siege update is available to download and install on PC right now, coming to consoles soon. Skip to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of Rainbow Six Siege 1.74 update patch notes. Alternatively, you can stay with us a little longer and read through the Rainbow Six Siege Y4S3.2 update highlights down below, for a better understanding of what’s being fixed and improved. Time to aim down those iron sights and see what’s changing in the version 1.74 update.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.74 Update Highlights

Rainbow Six Siege 1.74 update

Primarily, the Y4S3.2 update features bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. You won’t find anything new in this update, we’re afraid. Updates to the Surrender feature and RFF, however, round this out to be a useful update for many players. Besides, bug fixes are always welcome. Read on for more details.

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Surrender and RFF Changes

The main feature that has been altered is the Surrender feature. You will now only be able to surrender if you follow these steps:

  • You’ll need a unanimous Surrender vote
  • You can only surrender if your team is currently losing in rounds
  • Surrender from the 3rd only

RFF has been altered, too. During Hostage mode, if you detonate a Volcan Shield, you will be responsible for the damage it deals after the hostage has been picked up. Before anyone has picked up the hostage, Goyo will be responsible.

Bug Fixes

Plenty of bug fixes have taken place in the 1.74 update. For example, the attacking and defending side assignment before any given match is now completely random. That pesky attacker side bias is now gone. You’ll also find level, Operator, and more general bug fixes in the full list of patch notes down below.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.74 Update Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege 1.74 update

Read through the complete list of Rainbow Six Siege 1.74 update patch notes below, courtesy of Ubisoft:


  • Surrender now requires a unanimous vote.
  • Surrender feature is now only available if the team is currently losing in rounds.
  • Surrender is still only available starting with the 3rd


In hostage mode, anyone who detonates a Volcan shield is now responsible for any explosive damage it does once the hostage is picked up. Prior to hostage pick up Goyo is still responsible.


  • FIXED – Fixed an issue with Attacker side logic bias during lobby creation. Attacker and Defender side assignment is now completely random.
  • FIXED – Users are able to vault over an operator with extended shield if that operator stays between a player and a vault prompt.
  • FIXED – Players can get stuck in the leaning position after ADSing when Lean to Hold is on.
  • FIXED – Defenders can keep using their camera when a logic bomb is activated.
  • FIXED – Players sometimes do not receive a matchmaking penalty if they cancel right as the match begins.
  • FIXED – Defuser can sometimes disappear if an attacker is killed immediately after it is secured.



  • FIXED – Alibi’s Prisma animation outline remains after players collide with it.


  • FIXED – Ash’s breaching round is not destroyed when used on barbed wire with an active Bandit Battery.


  • FIXED – Goyo can complete deployment of his Volcan shield before gauge bar has completed.
  • FIXED – Goyo’s Volcan shield clips with operators when forcing collision with the shield while prone between the shield and other props/walls.


  • FIXED – Replication for Hibana’s X-Kairos destruction pattern is inconsistent between clients.


  • FIXED – Electricity VFX disappears when the reinforced wall on which Kaid’s Rtila is deployed is shot at.


  • FIXED – Maestro’s turret movement SFX remains for users that are still spectating his camera after he leaves it.
  • FIXED – Maestro’s Evil Eye will sometimes shift position if another player is moving and spectating another camera and suddenly switches to the Evil Eye.


  • FIXED – Players can sometimes change between ADS and non-ADS when Monty’s shield is out.


  • FIXED – Mozzie drone SFX remains after being destroyed.



  • FIXED – Pixel LOS behind on Clubhouse in B Church.


  • FIXED – Pixel LOS in Green Stairs of Kanal.
  • FIXED – LOS through exterior truck on Kanal.
  • FIXED – Collision issues on EXT Coast Guard Roof of Kanal when crouching/prone.
  • FIXED – LOD visual issues on Kanal in B Kayaks.
  • FIXED – Players can drop the defuser between two portable toilets in Construction Site on Kanal.
  • FIXED – A spot in Construction Site on Kanal will show a death timer if players enter it.


  • FIXED – Sealed window in Prep Room on Kafe can allow damage propagation from explosions.


  • FIXED – The theme park thumbnail is missing in the Ranked Guide.
  • FIXED – Drones float for a few seconds after jumping on a wall or a doorway.
  • FIXED – Players can sometimes lose functionality in the Operators tab after equipping an elite and returning to quickly to main menu.
  • FIXED – When Operators go prone against a wall, the animation SFX can loop multiple times.
  • FIXED – Missing SFX when accessing observations tools for several operators.
  • FIXED – Concussion SFX sometimes remains/can be heard by other players.
  • FIXED – First person camera issues after an attacker is bounced back after attempting to hot breach or is blocked by Clash when trying to rappel in.
  • FIXED – In standard deployment mode, the attach prompt can remain in the HUD after deploying a deployable shield/Volcan and swapping to weapons.
  • FIXED – Missing textures on Kapkan’s Phantom Sight uniform.