‘Saw Something Weird on the Moon’ Destiny 2 sequel resurrects meme in Shadowkeep

Image Source: Husky Raid/YouTube

The new Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion brought players back to Destiny 1’s Moon, and that meant the resurrection of a long-dormant Destiny meme. Almost three years after uploading the original, YouTube channel Husky Raid uploaded “Saw Something Weird on the Moon 2” today, capping off the channel’s odd and impressive choreographed dance video series.

Husky Raid shared the video on the Destiny 2 Reddit with a post titled “Saw something weird on the moon again…” As is custom for the Husky Raid dance video series, the post writes off the events of the video as simply something odd the uploader ran into, rather than the elaborate project it actually is.

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“I haven’t seen this bug in years,” poster u/protoscott said. “I thought they worked it all out of D2, but maybe something weird with old moon code brought it back?

Of course, the video is anything but a simple bug. Like the 2016 original, “Saw Something Weird on the Moon 2” depicts a player coming across several others, dancing and firing off flashy weapons and abilities to the tune of spooky songs, like the Ghostbusters theme song. While the entire video is impressive, the well-timed shooting star round the 6:30 mark and the surprise ogre at the end are particularly well-planned (or perhaps well-edited).

Destiny 2 dance video

Image Source: Husky Raid/YouTube

At the video’s end, Husky Raid’s MegaMagwitch explains that Husky Raid’s two-year absence was the result of new jobs, additional babies, and other factors that interrupted the channel’s uploads. MegaMagwitch says there’s no plans to make any more dance videos anytime soon, so this will likely be the end of the series for a while.

The video’s Reddit post has almost 5,000 upvotes at the time of writing. Users in the comments have celebrated Husky Raid’s return, proclaiming “THE CHOSEN ONES HAVE RETURNED” and “THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” While it’s likely the new sequel won’t reach the 3 million view mark that the original hit, it’s still nice for fans of the series to have some closure.