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Fortnite Visitor Tapes | What are the leaked recordings about?

Well, it looks like some of the Fortnite Visitor tapes have been leaked ahead of time. Voice files from the unknown Visitor appear to hint at events that could lead to Season 11. These teasers don’t give much away, but given the anticipation about the Visitor’s arrival throughout Season 10, they have to mean something. If you want to get to the bottom of what the leaked recordings are about before the end of Season 10, you’ll want to check out our Fortnite Visitor tapes guide. It’ll give you new information and speculate on how they could tie into the game’s next big update.

Fortnite Visitor Tapes | Season 11 teaser

Fortnite Visitor Tapes

Before we dive into the Fortnite Visitor tapes, let’s take a step back and explain who the Visitor is. The Visitor is known as “One of the Seven” and seems to be an extraterrestrial being or an astronaut who wants to learn more about the Fortnite island. They arrived in the meteor that’s currently hanging over the map, and are thought to have assembled the Rift Beacons and new rocket dotted around the Season 10 map.

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So what do the recordings have to do with this? Well, as part of the Season 10 Overtime challenges, you’re asked to find tapes located at Retail Row and on the Floating Island. These have been found by plenty of players and have since been decrypted by data miners.

Fortnite Visitor Tapes

As revealed by leakers such as ShiinaBR, the recordings offer hints at what’s to come when the Visitor eventually lands. The Visitor can be heard talking about the Seven performing something “risky” to prevent “losing the bridge forever.” He goes on to state that nobody guessed “the formation of the Island” and that “interdimensional collisions would resolve.”

We’re unsure what he’s going on about, but the Floating Island will certainly play a big role in the start of Season 11. There are four more tapes that will be available to find in the coming week or two. Hopefully, those will give us a better idea of what’s about to happen, and the repercussions could be massive.