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Need For Speed Heat Switch Release Date | Is it coming to Switch?

Asking for an EA game on Nintendo Switch seems to be like a broken pencil: pointless. Despite this, we’ve seen people asking if there is a Need For Speed Heat Switch release date. In this guide, we’ll take a look at whether or not Need For Speed Heat is coming to Switch. Read on to discover if there is a Need For Speed Heat Switch port in the works or not. The answer isn’t likely to surprise you, unfortunately.

Will Need For Speed Heat be on Switch?

Need For Speed Heat Switch release date

While we love a good racing game on the Switch here at GameRevolution, it, unfortunately, looks like Need For Speed Heat isn’t going to be one of them. The latest installment of this long-running racer isn’t coming to the Switch, either now or any time in the future. This has been confirmed a couple of times by EA, sadly.

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Firstly, thanks to this interview from Daily Gaming Report, we know that EA had no plans to release Need For Speed Heat on any other platform aside from PS4, Xbox One, and PC back in August. This stance doesn’t look like it has changed. If you head on over to the EA Help Need For Speed Heat page, you’ll see that EA simply explains that “Need For Speed Heat is not going to be available on Nintendo Switch.” That should be the final nail in the coffin for any hopes you might have for an eventual Switch port of the game.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, Need For Speed Heat could release on the Switch in the future. It’s incredibly unlikely, given what EA has said, but plans can change. A little toning down on the graphics is all it should take to port the game over to Nintendo’s hybrid machine. Don’t get your hopes up about it, though, it is more than likely never going to happen.