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Pokemon Go Galarian Forms | Release date and crossover event

If you thought that it would be a long time before we saw Pokemon Go Galarian forms, you’d be wrong. Well, that’s if data miners have unearthed actual code relating to their release date for Niantic’s ARG. It appears that their arrival could form part of a Pokemon Sword and Shield tie-in event. Given that the Gen 8 titles are set for release before the year’s end, this would help to boost interest in their launches. If you’re curious to learn more, you’ll have to read our Pokemon Go Galarian forms guide. Have at it, Trainers.

Pokemon Go Galarian Forms | Release date

Pokemon Go Galarian Forms

First, let’s have a gander at when the Pokemon Go Galarian forms release date could be. According to leakers posting on The Silph Road Reddit page, the game already contains snippets of code that allude to Galarian forms arriving in Niantic’s mobile phone hit.

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Given that Pokemon Sword and Shield are launching on November 15, it would make sense for any Galarian Pokemon to be patched into Pokemon Go at the same time. Of course, they could come a day or two later if Niantic feels that everyone will be playing Sword and Shield once they’re out in the wild. Any date between November 15 and November 18 is our guess.

What Pokemon Go Galarian Forms will appear?

Pokemon Go Galarian Forms

This is less clear. The Silph Road data miners haven’t found anything that states which Pokemon we could see patched through.

However, we know that there a few Galarian forms of already existing Pokemon, so it’s almost certain that these will turn up. We think that Galarian forms of Ponyta, Zigzagoon, Linoone, and Weezing will be brought to Niantic’s game. Whether all or none of them do is up for debate. We know that these previously existing Pokemon are confirmed for Pokemon Sword and Shield, though, and it would be easy to bring them to Pokemon Go.