Vigor 1.1 Update Patch Notes

The Vigor 1.1 update has arrived, and it brings a whole wealth of changes to free-to-play Xbox One title. There’s a new map, game event, bug fixes, and much more to dive into in these Bridges patch notes. If you want to know what new content has arrived in the action game as of Wednesday, October 9, you’ve come to the right place. Our Vigor 1.1 update guide provides you with the lowdown on what’s new and improved. Get your eyes around this and then head in-game to check it out for yourself.

Vigor 1.1 Update | New map and game event

Vigor 1.1 Update

The first major thing that the Vigor 1.1 update brings to proceedings is a new map to play. Called Brodelan Bridges, this new game area allows you to explore the environment vertically as well as horizontally. This will give you new ways to sneak up on your foes or gain the high ground to gain other advantages.

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A new event is also available for you to try out. Buried Cache sees photographs scattered across the maps, and they give hints at where the special buried treasure can be found. If you manage to locate this cache, you’ll get to keep the treasure you find, and who doesn’t love buried treasure?

Loading screen hints are now in-game too. These will give you helpful tips and hints about the map, weapons, controls, and more while you wait to dive into your next fight. These aren’t new to the games industry, but they’ll be handy for new players who may only be playing for the first time with this update.

Finally, there’s a variety of bug fixes and other tweaks to the gameplay. Rather than whittle on about every inch of these, however, we’ll let the full patch notes do the talking below.

Vigor 1.1 Update | Full patch notes

Vigor 1.1 Update patch notes

If you want to find out more about this update, you can read the full patch notes for the 1.1 update below.

  • New Brodalen Bridges map – It gives Outlanders the possibility to explore new styles of gameplay with the more vertical environment.
  • New game event: Buried Cache – There are Polaroids spawning at random locations across the maps, displaying the location of a hidden treasure. If an Outlander manages to figure out the location of the buried cache, they will be rewarded with its valuable content.
  • Loading screen hints – These will help players gather important gameplay information.
  • Threat and Team Killer detection – Outlanders now know who the real traitors are!
  • Weight Influence – Feel the weight of the loot and equipment; items in the backpack influence movement of the character and total stamina.
  • New color variants of character cosmetics
  • Rebalanced challenges
  • New weapons
  • Camera and movement changes (Inventory Load, Machine Gun Stance)
  • Sway, spread, and recoil changes
  • Shooting range refactor
  • Loot rebalance
  • Store rarities simplification