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Monster Hunter World Iceborne 11.01 Update Patch Notes (

Hunters, it’s time to download and install the Monster Hunter World Iceborne 11.01 update. That’s for PS4 players, anyway, as Xbox One users will need to install the update. These patch notes detail a number of bug fixes within the action RPG as well as some other subtle changes. If you’d like to see what’s changed before you dive back into the game, you’ll be wanting to read our Monster Hunter World Iceborne 11.01 update guide. Do so and then get back to slaying.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne 11.01 Update | Bug fixes

Monster Hunter World Iceborne 11.01 Update

As we mentioned, the Monster Hunter World Iceborne 11.01 update brings a few solutions to prominent bugs that have been present for some time. One of the main changes sees adjustments to the Guiding Lands. These had been difficult for some players to navigate but, thanks to this patch, it’s now easier to play through this area.

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Expedition Objectives have been added to fixed region play now, too. This allows you to tell other players that you want to explore areas with fixed levels if you aren’t as high a level as you’d want to be.

The update notice screen has seen a fix implemented regarding certain languages present in the game. This will hopefully make things clearer for those of you who don’t have English as your first language.

Finally, a solution has been patched in that means Glavenus will now get caught in traps that are set by you or other players. Glavenus had been able to evade traps up until this point. You’ll be glad to know that your traps will work now and make the battle easier. That’s a big win for anyone who had issues with this element of the Glavenus fight.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne 11.01 Update | Full patch notes

Monster Hunter World Iceborne 11.01 Update

For a complete rundown of what’s changed in this update, you can read the patch notes below.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where if graphics settings were set to Prioritize Resolution, the effective range for taking pictures with the Surveyor Set would become smaller.
  • Fixed an issue where Glavenus would not get caught in traps set by the player.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred in certain languages at the update notice screen.
  • Fixed an issue where data would not finish loading properly and players would lose control of the game when viewing rankings of certain quests.
  • Fixed an issue where if the scout fly level is at level 3 and a monster is near death, the icon would not display correctly on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where Palicoes would move to incorrect places.
  • Other minute balance tweaks and minor bugs have been fixed.

Guiding Lands Changes

  • Adjustments have been made to make the Guiding Lands easier to play. Future updates will feature more adjustments to make it easier to play.
  • Adjustment 1: Region Level change fluctuation adjusted

    • In the Guiding Lands, you can obtain different materials at each level, so adjustments have been made to how levels increase/decrease to make it easier to explore.
      • Region Level 1 – 2: No changes
      • Region Level 3 – 6: Fluctuates at the same rate as region level 2 did before the update
      • Region Level 7: Fluctuates at the same rate as region level 3 did before the update
  • Adjustment 2: Adjusted the drop rate of special tracks obtained from monsters in the Guiding Lands

    • Unanalyzed special tracks are now easier to obtain, making it easier to lure out specific monsters and control your region levels.
    • They are also now guaranteed upon capturing a monster or carving from the monster’s body or broken part.
  • Adjustment 3: Region levels can now be fixed

    • Settings have been added so that region levels will not fluctuate, and you can explore the Guiding Lands freely with fixed levels.Fixed region levels are applied per player even during multiplayer.If you set region levels to fixed, your own region levels will not fluctuate whether you’re the quest leader or just joining another player’s quest.
      • You can fix region levels at the quest board when you select the Guiding Lands.
  • Adjustment 4: Expedition Objective added to fixed region play

    • Added a “Fixed Region” parameter that can be set when departing to the Guiding Lands, or used as search criteria.

      Use this setting when you want to let players know you’re exploring with fixed levels, or if you want to search for expeditions using fixed levels.

      • This parameter will not fix region levels.
      • For instructions on how to fix region levels, please see Adjustment 3.
  • Adjustment 5: Locating monsters in the Guiding Lands will no longer affect region level

    • The design of the Guiding Lands has been changed, as region level changing upon discovering a monster in the locale had an unintended effect.