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Destiny 2 Ikora visited on the Moon location

One of Destiny 2‘s biggest appeals is its plethora of hidden secrets. Each time a new expansion launches, players are often rewarded for scouring every corner of its destinations, solving puzzles to uncover hidden lore and loot. Sometimes, though, the provided puzzles are unintentional and reward little more than simple story progression when finally solved. The Destiny 2 Ikora visited on the Moon quest step is one such unintentional puzzle, leading many players to unsuccessfully search the Moon’s nooks and crannies in order to complete what would otherwise be a rather straightforward objective.

Destiny 2 Ikora visited on the Moon | “An Important Message” Shadowkeep quest guide

Destiny 2 Ikora visited on the Moon An Important Message”Shadowkeep quest guide

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s campaign steps are all fairly simple — go here, kill that, go there, and collect that. The “Ikora visited on the Moon” quest step, part of the “An Important Message” story mission, seems just as simple. Players are tasked with speaking to Vanguard Warlock Ikora Rey at a location marked on the Moon’s map, but this objective has confused many Guardians and caused significant wasted time for some.

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When players receive this quest, they’ll see Ikora’s location marked somewhere inside the Scarlet Keep, left of the edge of the map’s white, topographical markings. Players who travel to the spawn point in Sorrow’s Harbor and head into the Keep won’t find Ikora anywhere, however, because of a short phrase within the objective’s description.

Below the first paragraph of the quest description, which tells players that Ikora has come to the Moon to see the Pyramid and deliver a message, a second paragraph begins with this all-important phrase: “Take the portal near Eris to meet Ikora.” Between the map marker near the Keep — which doesn’t mention the portal at all — the large “Ikora visited on the Moon” objective check box, and the unhelpful first paragraph, this short phrase can be pretty easy to miss. To find Ikora’s location, travel back to Eris and run through the portal to her right. From there, it’s pretty much a straight shot through some Scarlet Keep corridors to find Ikora. Interacting with her will begin a cutscene, and you’ll be able to continue on with the campaign.