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Destiny 2 Vex Chassis Components | What are they for?

The Destiny 2 Vex Chassis Components consumable drops all over the place in the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion. Whenever you’re killing Vex on the Moon or in the Vex Offensive event, you’ll see tons of glowing green triangles dropping from their bursting metal corpses. Without digging through all your objectives and every vendor or quest-giver around, though, you may be wondering, “What are Vex Chassis Components for?” In this guide, we’ll cover all Vex Chassis Components uses and how to get Vex Chassis Components.

Destiny 2 | What are Vex Chassis Components used for?

Destiny 2 What are Vex Chassis Components for?

The common-rarity (green) Vex Chassis Components are a form of currency. So far, their only known use is completing Vanguard Warlock Ikora Rey’s weekly challenge, “An Arm and a Leg.” The challenge rewards Powerful Gear for collecting a certain number of Vex parts, a.k.a. Vex Chassis Components. Vex Chassis Components don’t show up anywhere in your inventory, but you can track your progress for the An Arm and a Leg challenge by hovering over Ikora in the Tower map with your cursor.

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Vex Chassis Components are not to be confused with the legendary-rarity (purple) Vex Mind Components. Vex Mind Components another Ikora-related currency, but they’re instead used to grab the Data Seed weapon quests. Turing in 10 Vex Mind Components will allow you to begin a quest to unlock a legendary Vex weapon by defeating 50 Vex with the corresponding weapon type.

It’s possible that Vex Chassis Components will have some other use later in the Season of Undying. When you speak to Ikora to complete the Chassis-related challenge, she says the parts are being used to build the Vex portal behind her that began construction with the latest weekly reset. Additionally, Vex Chassis Components continue to drop after completing the challenge, so maybe a new quest will arrive in the coming weeks related to the item.

Destiny 2 | How to farm Vex Chassis Components

Destiny 2 How to farm Vex Chassis Components

It takes quite a few Vex Chassis Components to complete Ikora’s weekly challenge. Luckily, they drop like crazy. The easiest way to get more is to head to the Vex Offensive event, located in the bottom left of the Moon destination map. This will get you tons of Vex kills. You can also hang out on the Moon itself and wait for the Vex Invasion event, where similarly large amounts of the enemy faction will appear.