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Destiny 2 Complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ Locations

Along with being a fast-track to new content for returning players or players making new characters, Destiny 2: New Light is an opportunity for new players to quickly get up to speed with the basics of Destiny 2 and its optional content. As part of Main Quest: New Light, you’ll be tasked with speaking to destination vendors, completing missions, collecting materials, and many other objectives in order to familiarize yourself with Destiny 2’s worlds. One such task asks you to complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ (the Earth-based European Dead Zone).

Unfortunately, like others of these tasks, the Destiny 2 complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ objective isn’t very well-explained or is explained so quickly that it’s easy to miss. Like the Shadowkeep expansion’s “Ikora visited on the Moon” objective, this can lead to lots of wasted time as players wander around looking for the path forward. To help you overcome this confusion, this “Destiny 2 EDZ Lost Sectors guide contains all EDZ Lost Sector locations.

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Destiny 2 Complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ | What are Lost Sectors?

Destiny 2 EDZ lost sectors mark

This vague objective may have you scratching your head, but luckily for you, the reward for figuring out where to go is one of Destiny 2’s most entertaining side activities. Lost Sectors are essentially self-contained, miniature dungeons hidden in caves and other nooks throughout Destiny 2’s planetary locations. If you stumble upon one by accident, you’ll be greeted with a horde of enemies and a mini-boss-like Major enemy that you wouldn’t otherwise find outside of story missions or special activities.

In addition to simply making Destiny 2’s planets more interesting, Lost Sectors are often used as the location for certain seasonal activities. For example, some Lost Sectors are currently overrun by Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s powerful Nightmare enemies. This means that, if you’re a new player, you might want to avoid these Lost Sectors unless you’re looking for an extra challenge. One of these Nightmare-populated Lost Sectors is located near the spawn point of the EDZ. We’ll mention it in the section below so you know which to look out for.

Finding Lost Sectors is as simple as taking a look at your map. Look out for the small, white symbols that resemble two arches with a dot beneath them. Since Lost Sectors are usually in caves or cave-like structures, they’re often found near the edges of the map or near the outside edge of rock formations/other large structures. In-game, you’ll see each Lost Sector marked with that same “arches” symbol, painted in white next to the entrance.

While you only need to complete one Lost Sector for this particular quest, they’re worth exploring if you want an interesting way to get useful loot, as you’ll find good gear in the chests you unlock after beating Lost Sector bosses. They’re also involved in several Triumphs, which function basically like in-game achievements.

Destiny 2 Complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ | All EDZ Lost Sector locations

Now that you know what to look for, let’s go over each of the Earth’s European Dead Zone Lost Sector locations individually Compared to later locations like the Dreaming City, the Earth has quite a few Lost Sectors, with 16 in total. Since the EDZ’s map is quite large, we’ve divided the Lost Sectors by how they’re viewable on-screen. Lost Sectors 1-14 take you on a loop through the EDZ’s lower areas, and Lost Sectors 15 and 16 are found in the out-of-the-way Sunken Isles area.

EDZ Lost Sectors 1-14

Destiny 2 EDZ Lost Sector locations 1 through 14


1. Atrium: In the chapel where Devrim Kay is. Near the back, through a rusty door in the floor.

2. Terminus East: To the right of the Trostland chapel from spawn. Look for a dark door to crouch under, behind a white-tiled wall.

3. Widow’s Walk*: To the left of the Trosland chapel from spawn. Enter the door next to the Lost Sector symbol painted on a boarded-up window. Go right through the inner door by the glowing red sign.

*Note: As mentioned above, this Lost Sector is infested with Shadowkeep’s Nightmare enemies during Season 8. Since New Light brought all players to light level 750, the Nightmares may not be too difficult for a new player to take down, but you’ll know for sure if you’re under-leveled if there’s a red icon to the left of the enemies’ health bars.


4. Scavenger’s Den: To the left of the entrance to the Outskirts from Trosland. Look for the large drainage tunnel behind some rocks near the shore.

5. The Drain: The drain has two entrances — a southern entrance beneath the concrete bridge over the stream near the shore, and a northern entrance in the depressed area to the north of the tall rusted structure in the center of the Outskirts.

6. Whispered Falls: Near the road on the northwest edge of the Outskirts, behind a large, mossy rock.

Winding Cove

7. The Weep: Near the Winding Cove spawn point. Down a hole in the center of the rocky island covered in pine trees.

Firebase Hades

8. Pathfinder’s Crash: In a dark cave hidden off to the right of the road along the eastern edge of the area.

9. Excavation Site XII: A cave northeast of Pathfinder’s Crash. Further down the road, look for a raised area to your right with lots of fallen rocks down its slope.

10. The Pit: Beneath the ramp up to the entrance of the large Red Legion structure at the west edge of the area.

The Gulch

11. Flooded Chasm: A cave beneath the broken-up road bridge, straight ahead of The Gulch’s spawn point.

The Sludge

12. Hallowed Grove: A straight shot from The Sludge’s spawn point. Through a watery cave on the other side of the large rock with the Lost Sector symbol.

13. Cavern of Souls: In the center of the area, southwest of the spawn point. Look for the symbol above a door in a rusty warehouse.

14. Shaft 13: Turn left immediately from the spawn point, and run through the ruined building. Hug the left wall, and you’ll see the Lost Sector symbol painted on a brick wall near a doorway.

EDZ Lost Sectors 15 and 16

Destiny 2 EDZ Lost Sector locations 15 and 16

Sunken Isles

15. The Quarry: Head southwest from the Sunken Isles spawn point. Look for a cave near the stream below, at the base of the rocky area you dropped down from and to the left of a dark, smooth rock.

16. Skydock IV: In a tunnel beneath the far end of the Cabal ship, jump onto the raised area and head through the open elevator shaft in the back.