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The Witcher 3 Missing in Action Quest Failed | Can you go back?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is finally out on Nintendo Switch, and we thought it’d be best to warn you about The Witcher 3 missable quest: Missing in Action. You may well have come across “Missing in Action Quest failed” message when you are playing the game. The side quest is easy enough to miss. If you do miss it, you will fail it once you have reached a certain point in the game’s story. Can you go back to Missing in Action? Read on to find out everything there is to know about this early side quest.

The Witcher 3 Missing in Action Quest Failed | Can you go back?

The Witcher 3 Missing in Action Quest failed

Nobody likes to leave a quest behind in an RPG if they can help it. Unfortunately, this might just happen to you in The Witcher 3. There are a number of missable quests in The Witcher 3, including one right near the start of the game: Missing in Action.  If you don’t want this quest to go missing in action, you will need to complete it before you move onto the game’s second area and out of its prologue.

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In order to find the quest, you will need to check the Notice Board in White Orchard (the first town you find yourself in). You can also help Dune find his brother, Rhosyn, by finding Dune outside of his destroyed hut within the ransacked village nearby to White Orchard. If you don’t complete this side quest before leaving for Vizima after completing the main quest: Lilac and Gooseberries, however, you will fail the quest and be unable to complete it later on. If you’re a completionist, you will definitely want to make sure you complete Missing in Action while you can.

Once the quest is gone, it’s gone. If you miss this quest and don’t complete it in time, you won’t be able to return to it later. You could always return to Missing in Action by loading up an earlier save file or autosave file, however.