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How to get medals in Fortnite Season 11

With the end of Season X, the Fortnite map we’ve all known and loved since Epic Games’ battle royale behemoth launched was sucked into a black hole maybe never to be seen again. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say, as today a whole host of exciting new developments are being busily datamined by fans while Epic work on launching a new chapter and a new season for the game. One bit of news is that a new form of Battle Pass progression will task players with earning in-game medals, so in order to be ahead of the curve here’s everything you need to know about how to get medals in Fortnite Season 11.

How to earn Fortnite Battle Pass medals

how to get medals in Fortnite season 11

Thanks to Fortnite News on Twitter we’ve been able to get an early glimpse at the upcoming new form of Battle Pass progression for Season 11, or what some are referring to as Chapter 2. It’s said that Battle Pass, a tiered premium service that lets players earn new items by satisfying certain requirements in-game, progression has been reworked completely moving forward, so let’s get into what’s new.

The next Battle Pass can be advanced by completing a variety of challenges in order to earn all-new medals. It’s likely that these challenges will be similar to the existing event challenges, where completing a set amount rewards players with exclusive event loot for their troubles. Historically, these challenges have been for everything from eliminating a certain number of opponents with a specific weapon, to engaging with fun little mini-games hidden around the map in interesting ways.

Medals can be earned on a daily basis, rotating in and out every 24 hours, so players will always have tasks to occupy themselves with while ultimately aiming to fill out their punch card in order to maximize the experience points that are gained.

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