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Fortnite Season 11 Skins List | Tactical Fisherman, Crazy Eight, Red Riding Remix

With a brand new Fortnite Season 11, comes a whole new range of skins and other cosmetics for players to unlock. Thanks to the work of dedicated dataminers, we now have a good idea what all of the skins in Season 11 (11.0) look like. Here’s the leaked Fortnite Season 11 skins list, which includes the Tactical Fisherman, Crazy Eight, and Red Riding Remix.

All Fortnite Season 11 Skins

Fortnite Season 11 Skins List

Thanks to dataminers @FortTory and @Lucas7yoshi, we now have a comprehensive list of all Fortnite Season 11 leaked skins, which you can find below. These should be unlockable through the Item Store, the new Season 2 Battle Pass, and also via challenges. At the time of writing, we only have the cosmetic names, with no concrete release dates.

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New Outfits

  • Tactical Fisherman
  • Rock Climber
  • Crazy Eight
  • Rebirth Medic
  • Slurp Monster
  • Sheath
  • Viper
  • Haunt
  • COD Squad Plaid (Male)
  • COD Squad Plaid (Female)
  • Fisherman
  • Red Riding Remix
  • Cuddle Team Dark
  • New default skins:
    • Rebirth Default A (Female)
    • Rebirth Default B (Female)
    • Rebirth Default C (Female)
    • Rebirth Default D (Female)
    • Rebirth Default A (Male)
    • Rebirth Default B (Male)
    • Rebirth Default C (Male)
    • Rebirth Default D (Male)

In the image provided by Lucas7yoshi, you can see a wide variety of items that should become available to purchase in the Item Store during the weekly rotations, or to unlock through challenges. A number of emotes have also been leaked alongside the new cosmetic unlocks.

Expect to see these items popping up as Fortnite Season 2 continues, with more leaks detailing even more items to come.

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