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Fortnite Motorboat Nerf | Will rocket damage be nerfed?

With the launch of Season 11, Epic Games ushered in a new chapter in the history of their wildly popular battle royale game. Accompanying a brand new map and tons of other features is the Motorboat vehicle, which can travel on land and fire powerful rockets easily capable of destroying entire buildings. It’s also got a nippy boost mechanic, which allows players to gain a short burst of speed before waiting out a cooldown that’s a few seconds long. These features combine into a powerful toolset that already has players wondering whether there’ll be a Fortnite Motorboat nerf in the future.

Will Motorboat rockets be nerfed in Fortnite?

Fortnite Motorboat nerf

Firstly, it’s important to note that at this stage the Motorboat’s rockets appear to be relatively tricky to aim with any high degree of accuracy. This helps to counter their strength and make for a more balanced encounter when either piloting or coming up against the vehicle in the hands of an enemy. With it being a new addition, only time and experience will eventually tell whether this caveat is enough to maintain a balanced gameplay experience as players no doubt become more proficient at evading and/or defeating Motorboats.

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If at a later date the community decides that the vehicle is irredeemably overpowered (OP), then with enough protesting it’s entirely possible that Epic will implement a nerf or perhaps even vault the Motorboat entirely. This is based on what happened with the controversial B.R.U.T.E. Mech, which received a maintained high level of backlash from Fortnite fans until it was eventually nerfed. When the heavy nerfs weren’t enough to make people happy, it was then removed from the game completely.

As such, we know that the Fortnite developers aren’t strictly opposed to changing the game in order to appease their disgruntled audience. It’ll likely take a while to get to that stage if the Motorboat ends up repeating history, but if it does happen at least we know the situation isn’t hopeless.

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