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Modern Warfare Download Size and Install Space

The Modern Warfare download size is probably something that has crossed your mind once or twice since Activision revealed the Modern Warfare system requirements. After all, the 175 GB of required hard drive space is likely to be some sort of unofficial world record, with a massive open world game such as Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC “merely” asking for 150 GB from your drive. But this isn’t such a clean-cut situation as it appeared at first, so there’s no need to go and delete several games and apps straight away.

Modern Warfare download size | How much space do I need?

Modern Warfare download size

With the October 25 release date fast approaching, Modern Warfare fans are probably wondering if they must delete some of their favorite games in order to free up some space for the latest Call of Duty release. While this is something that you may have to do further down the road, you don’t need to do so right away.

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The initial Modern Warfare file size is approximately 61 GB, quite far from the 175 GB that took many players by storm. A huge sigh of relief could almost be heard from the CoD community in face of this reveal. This is great news for potential Modern Warfare players who won’t have to worry so much about space limitations, but also because the significantly smaller download size will certainly take less time to execute than what was initially expected.

While the discrepancy between the actual file size recently spotted by CoD players and the official system requirements appears daunting, there is an obvious explanation for it. 61 GB is the initial Modern Warfare file size, while the 175 GB is the expected requirement for the long run, with the planned post-launch content naturally increasing the global size of the game.

The 61 GB Modern Warfare file size was spotted in the PS4 version, but it’s highly likely that both the PC and the Xbox One releases clock at around the same size, at least around the time of launch.