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How to heal companions in The Outer Worlds

Companions are hugely important in The Outer Worlds, helping you during combat and providing you with unique abilities that aid you in your progress. However, how to heal companions in Outer Worlds isn’t immediately obvious, nor is it as simple as throwing consumables at them.

The Outer Worlds | Healing companions explained

Healing companions in The Outer Worlds can only be achieved by leveling up your Determination Leadership skill. This can be found in your skills menu, alongside Inspiration.

As the name suggests, the Leadership skill improves your companions. As is the case with all other skills, both the skills beneath this tree can be leveled up simultaneously until they reach level 50 skill points. The Intimidation skill predominantly focuses on the damage dealt by your companions, whereas Determination focuses on health.

The Outer Worlds | How to heal companions

When you add skill points to Determination, you work towards your base skill unlocks. These increase your companion’s healing attributes along with their armor and critical damage:

  • 20 NOVICE: The inhaler heals you and your companions, but they get 30% of the healing effect
  • 40 COMPETENT: Companion Critical Damage +20%
  • 60 ADEPT: Companions get an additional 25% of the inhaler’s healing effect
  • 80 EXPERT: Resolve: If a companion is downed, party gains +50% Armor Rating and Damage +50% for 10s
  • 100 MASTER When Companions kill an enemy, they gain 50% Health

So in order to heal your companions in Outer Worlds, you simply need to invest skill points into Determination in order to progress with these unlocks. By the time you reach Master, your companions will be gaining health from much of their actions.

If you’re finding that your companions are dying too frequently in The Outer Worlds, you’re going to want to level up these stats so that their health isn’t solely tied to your inhaler. As your health will likely decrease at a much slower rate than your companions’, only allowing them to be healed whenever you need to heal yourself will cause them to routinely die.

Companions can be mightily useful when encountering some of The Outer Worlds‘ tougher enemies, so make sure they’re well-equipped to take on the various enemies is vital as you progress.