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Fortnite Victory Umbrellas List (Season 11 update)

Every Fortnite player likes to show off their prestige and prowess by kitting themselves out with impressive in-game cosmetic items, and there’s arguably no better way of doing that than with a Victory Umbrella. This funky form of glider skin lets everyone know that you’ve claimed an elusive Victory Royale, so they better watch their backs. If you’ve spotted a few different umbrellas and found yourself wondering where they originate from, our Fortnite Victory Umbrellas list can help you out.

Complete list of Fortnite Victory Umbrellas

Fortnite Victory Umbrellas list

As previously stated, you’ll unlock an umbrella through achieving your first Victory Royale, a feat that entails being the last person (or team) standing in any given game type. This means that a win in Solos, Duos, or Squads will get the job done, so it might be the best idea to team up with some strong teammates in order to improve your chances of securing a win and a new umbrella along with it.

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Once you’re all set, here’s a list of every Fortnite Victory Umbrella, some of which are currently available and some of which have unfortunately expired:

  • Umbrella — Rewarded for your first-ever Victory Royale
  • Seasonal Umbrellas — Rewarded for achieving a Victory Royale during a specific Fortnite Season; if you missed them, they’re gone for good
    • Snowflake Umbrella — Secure a Season 2 Victory Royale
    • Paper Parasol Umbrella — Secure a Season 3 Victory Royale
    • Wet Paint Umbrella — Secure a Season 4 Victory Royale
    • Beach Umbrella — Secure a Season 5 Victory Royale
    • Webrella — Secure a Season 6 Victory Royale
    • Snowfall Umbrella — Secure a Season 7 Victory Royale
    • Palm Leaf Umbrella — Secure a Season 8 Victory Royale
    • Holographic Umbrella — Secure a Season 9 Victory Royale
    • X Umbrella — Secure a Season 10/X Victory Royale
    • Downpour Umbrella — Secure a Season 11/Chapter 2, Season 1 Victory Royale
  • One Shot Umbrella — Earned by getting a Victory Royale in Wick’s Bounty during the Fortnite x John Wick event
  • Founder’s Umbrella —  Players must have purchased the Fortnite Founders Pack and thereafter achieved a Victory Royale

After being earned, umbrellas can be equipped in the glider slot. At the time of writing, only the standard Umbrella and Downpour Umbrella can actively be earned.