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Fortnite Exploit Season 11 | What is the invincibility glitch?

With the introduction of Season 11 (or Chapter 2, Season 1) to Epic Games’ battle royale game Fortnite, players have been given the opportunity to experience all manner of exciting new gameplay additions. Unfortunately, one such addition hasn’t been for the better, as it allows players to survive the storm and ultimately claim a free Victory Royale. With some users excitedly typing “Fortnite exploit Season 11” into Google in search of how to trigger invulnerability in the game, be warned that it may result in a ban, will definitely irritate other players, and the developers are most likely already working on a fix.

What is the invincibility glitch in Season 11 of Fortnite?

Fortnite exploit Season 11

Having initialy been shared by an unofficial Twitter account named Fortnite News, the exploit is incredibly easy to activate and equally devastating to the game’s balance. All that players need to do is land in or navigate to Slurpy Swamp in the southwest area of the new map, then build a wall intersecting the water and consistently run into it in order to gain unlimited health. As soon as players cease moving towards the wall, they’ll once again be susceptible to damage.

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Presumably, it’s possible for other players to destroy the wall and negate the exploit, but some sneaky so-and-sos are hiding out until the damaging storm consumes the area, then as their opponents flee emerging to survive indefinitely. Eventually, this means that the last surviving legitimate player stands absolutely no chance of winning, which is certain to be a major source of frustration for the community.

As a result of this, Epic likely sees stamping the glitch out as a priority. In the meantime, we’d recommend not making use of the exploit, and potentially even prioritizing Slurpy Swamp as a drop location in order to destroy the walls of any players that do opt to engage in the behavior.