Google Stadia Controller Restrictions | Where can the Stadia Controller be used?

With Google Stadia, some folks may be looking forward to being able to stream their games on any device they can connect the controller to. However, Google recently revealed that the controller will be subject to some restrictions. With this, potential buyers are likely wondering where the Stadia Controller can be used.

Where can the Stadia Controller be used to stream games?

When Google first revealed Stadia, one feature it touted was the ability to not only play games on a TV, a laptop, or any other device, but also seamlessly switch between those devices. However, it looks like the experience won’t be as seamless as promised. In a recent explainer video, the company revealed that wireless play with the Stadia Controller will only be available on Chromecast Ultra at launch.

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The Stadia Controller however can still work with other devices, including mobile phones, but will require a USB-C cable to connect to them. When plugged in, the controller simply acts as a regular, USB HID controller. Players can still switch between different devices, but they’ll need a wire to do so.

That said, Google’s disclaimer does state that this will only be “at launch.” The company is probably trying to get wireless play perfect on big screen TVs (via Chromecast Ultra) first, before rolling out wireless play through other devices.

Google Stadia Controller Restrictions | Where can the Stadia controller be used?

Can the Stadia Controller be used on other platforms?

As previously stated, the Stadia Controller simply acts as a regular USB HID controller when plugged in. This raises the interesting possibility of the controller being used on other platforms, outside of Stadia.

In fact, it seems that this may be possible. On Reddit, Community Manager Grace Yang stated that the Stadia Controller “may work on other platforms depending on the game and setup.” Of course, the keywords here are “may work,” so the Stadia controller working on some none-Stadia games isn’t guaranteed. That said, it shouldn’t be a surprise if it does. Most first party controllers these days, such as the DualShock 4 and Xbox One controller, work on other platforms that do support the USB HID standard.