Box art - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Complete Calendar of Events and Holidays

Here's a complete list of events and holidays for the North American version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Below that, you'll find region specific holidays for international territories.

Calendar of Events:

January 1st: New Years

January 19th: Fishing Tournament

February 2nd: Groundhogs Day

February 11th: Festivale

February 16th: Fishing Tournament

March 16th: Fishing Tournament

March 17th: Shamrock Day

March 31st: Bunny Day

April 1st: April Fool's Day

April 13th: FIshing Tournament

April 22nd: Nature Day

April 26th: Weeding Day

May 5th: Boy's Day

May 18th: Fishing Tournament

June 15th: Bug Catching Tournament

June 16th: Father's Day

June 21st: Summer Solstice

July 20th: Bug-Off

August 4th: Fireworks Festival

August 11th: Fireworks Festival

August 17th: Bug-Off

August 18th: Fireworks Festival

August 25th: Fireworks Festival

September 2nd: Labor Day

September 19th: Autumn Moon

September 21st: Bug-Off

October 12th: Fishing Tournament

October 14th: Explorer's Day

October 31st: Halloween

November 16th: Fishing Tournament

November 28th: Harvest Festival

December 14th: Fishing Tournament

December 22nd: Winter Solstice

December 24th: Toy Day

December 31st: New Years Countdown

International Dates:

February 3rd: Setsubun (Japan)

March 2nd: Weeding Day (S. Korea)

March 3rd: Girl's Day (Japan)

March 19th: Father's Day (Spain/Italy)

April 5th: Arbor Day (Korea)

May 5th: Children's Day (Japan)

May 8th: Parent's Day (Korea)

May 15th: Teacher's Day (Korea)

July 7th: Starcrossed Day (Japan)

August 15th: Obon (Japan)

September 3rd: Grass Day (Japan)