Box art - Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief 1.3 Bait the Hook Level

Quick solution to Tiny Thief 1–3 - Bait the Hook level:

Tap this crab to make him jump out of the basket and onto the floor. Hop out of the barrel and pick him up.

To Steal a Thief Grab this fishing rod, and then hotfoot it up the nearby ladder.

To Steal a Thief Stand above the big fish, and you should see a prompt to use the fishing rod. Tap this to hook the trout and pinch it.

To Steal a Thief Tap on this oyster shell twice to make it drop a pearl onto the ground. Now go down the ladder and collect it - but only when the guard is not looking.

To Steal a Thief When you're safe from the guard's prying eyes, wait for your ferret to poke out of this barrel, and give him a tap. Done. Exit the level and pat yourself on the back for a job well done