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The Metro Exodus 1.07 update for PS4 has gone live. Don’t worry though, PC and Xbox One players, the update has been patched into your versions of the survival FPS title too. Xbox One users will be on the lookout for the update, while PC gamers can download the or update based on whether they play it on Steam or the Epic Games store. The patch notes bring a number of bug fixes and tweaks after Two Two Colonels DLC went live back in August. To see what’s been improved, you’ll need to dive into this Metro Exodus 1.07 update guide.

Metro Exodus 1.07 Update | Bug fixes

Metro Exodus 1.07 Update

Despite the wildly different update numbers for each platform, the changes for the Metro Exodus 1.07 update are all pretty much the same. There are a number of fixes for various bugs that were found within the DLC, as well as other alterations to make the gameplay experience better.

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The main bug fix that you’ll be delighted to learn about is that missing suit upgrades are, well, no longer missing. Upgrades will now be viewable in-game after you’ve applied the latest patch. Simply download and install it, and load up your most recent save file. They should pop up as soon as the hotfix is installed.

The game’s annoying infinite black screen quick-save issue has been resolved as well. This occurred after players switched profiles on suspend, but it’s no longer part of the experience after it was patched out.

There’s also a fix for the loading save file crash if one of your save slots had become corrupted. This should no longer plague you and actually let you play whatever save file you most recently saved your game in.

Metro Exodus 1.07 Update | Full patch notes

Metro Exodus 1.07 Update

For a full rundown of the patch notes on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, read our handy bullet-point list below and then head back in-game to continue your journey of survival.

  • Fixed issue with missing suit upgrades. For existing game saves, upgrades will be restored after loading your save with the hotfix installed.
  • Fixed issue with progress calculation for some Achievements where the counter could reset after switching save slots.
  • Fixed infinite black screen after pressing Quicksave after a profile change on suspend.
  • Fixed bug when loading a game with a lack of free space.
  • Fixed crash when loading a save file if one of the slots was detected as corrupted.

If you come across any other issues after this hotfix, you can visit the game’s Tech Support page for assistance.