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Borderlands 3 Just Desserts | Where to find Beatrice

Borderlands 3 is one of those games that is so big, you could spend hours upon hours playing through just side quests. One specific side quest, Just Desserts, tasks players with “helping Beatrice cook up some vengeance cake.” As you make your way through the mission, you’ll have to collect a variety of items and then return to Beatrice. Unfortunately, some players are having trouble finding Beatrice at the end of the Borderlands 3 Just Desserts mission, so we are here to help. Here is where to find Beatrice in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Just Desserts | Where to find Beatrice

Borderlands 3 Just Desserts

Beatrice can be found in The Splinterlands, and will task players with hunting down 12 Spiderant Eggs and a barrel of gunpowder in order to make a nice explosive vengeance cake. Finding the materials won’t be hard, as they are marked for you on the map. Simply open up your map and you should see two marked locations, which will lead you to the necessary materials to satisfy Beatrice’s thirst for revenge.

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Once you collect the ingredients, return to Beatrice. She will go inside to make the cake and ask you to go around back and collect some “candles.” Again, just follow the marker around back and you’ll find the candles in one of the back rooms sitting on a table.

Here is the part you might be having trouble with. For the final step of the Borderlands 3 Just Desserts mission, players will have to return to Beatrice with the candles. As you know, she went inside to make the cake, but every time you’ve meet her, she is outside. Because of this, a lot of players are waiting for her to come back outside, when in actuality, you have to go inside to her. You can do this by following the marker on your screen, walking up to the door, and opening it. It sounds simple, but some players might not realize that they could open the door and have been reloading their game trying to get Beatrice to come back outside.

Now that you have the final ingredient to the cake, you can finish up the Borderlands 3 Just Desserts side quest and help Beatrice get some sweet revenge.