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Mario Kart Tour drivers with three hairs

Mario Kart Tour is one of the more beloved mobile games of 2019, and is constantly keeping players entertained with new Tours and challenges. In the current Gold Challenges, players are required to use a driver with three hairs in order to complete the challenge. As you might expect, this begs the question, what are the Mario Kart Tour drivers with three hairs?

Which Mario Kart Tour drivers have three hairs?

Mario Kart Tour drivers with three hairs

If you’re like some, you’re probably trying to complete the Gold Challenges before they expire in a few hours and reset. One specific challenge requires players to earn a score of 7,000 or higher using a driver with three hairs. Of course, in order to have a chance at completing this challenge, you’ll have to know at least one of the Mario Kart Tour drivers with three hairs.

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This is a bit of an odd and quirky challenge, but that’s part of the fun. There are currently two Mario Kart Tour drivers with three hairs: Morton and Lakitu. As you’re probably aware, these aren’t your typical Mushroom Kingdom characters. However, you’ll likely recognize one of them even though you might not know his name. Lakitu is the famous character that sits on the cloud at the beginning of each race in some of the other Mario Kart games.

To check and see which characters you have unlocked, simply hit the menu button and then select “Drivers.” From there, you can scroll through the character images and see if you have Morton or Lakitu unlocked. If not, you’ll have to earn some more Rubies and fire the pipe. If you don’t have any Rubies, you can earn them by completing challenges or by purchasing them with real money in the Shop. You’ll want to make sure you hurry and get this challenge done before the in-game Halloween event begins.