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Rocket League 1.69 Update Patch Notes

A brand-new Rocket League update has rolled into view for all compatible platforms. Skip to the end of this guide to have a read through the complete list of Rocket League 1.69 update patch notes. If you’d rather learn a little more about the update, however, you can always take a look at the Rocket League version 1.69 update highlights immediately beneath this intro. Read on to discover everything that has been changed and fixed in the latest Rocket League update. It’s always good to know what’s changed.

Rocket League 1.69 Update Highlights

Rocket League 1.69 update

The new Rocket League update will be available to download across PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch from 10 AM PT/5 PM UTC. The update doesn’t seem to be adding anything new to the game. Instead, the update is bringing several bug fixes to issues that have appeared since the game’s last update, version 1.68.

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There are just four patch notes to tell you about here. This is not a big update, unfortunately. One fix that people will be pleased about, however, is the level of film grain and filter effects on the Farmstead (The Upside Down) arena have been reduced, based on feedback from fans.

Another requested fix has been applied, too. Following the 1.68 update, boost pads (or pills, whatever you want to call them) often appeared blank, despite being ready to give boost when you drive over them. All Boost pills now appear and regenerate as they should. Decals on the Mudcat GXT Car Body should now display correctly, too, being tied to your Accent Color choice. Finally, both the ‘Quality’ and ‘Attributes’ filters now work as they should after you trade following a match or after a game start-up.

Rocket League 1.69 Update Patch Notes

Rocket League 1.69 update

Read through the complete list of Rocket League 1.69 update patch notes below, courtesy of Psyonix:

Changes and Updates


  • Adjusted the film grain and filter effects on ‘Farmstead (The Upside Down)’ based on community feedback

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug with Boost pills regenerating invisibly

  • ‘Quality’ and ‘Attributes’ filters now work correctly when trading right after a match, or after game start-up

  • Decals on the default Mudcat GXT Car Body are now tied to your Accent Color choice