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How to Fix WWE 2K20 Image Uploader Bug

If you’ve encountered the WWE 2K20 Image Uploader bug, you aren’t alone. Other would-be wrestlers are unable to use the face scan technology too so they can’t download their face to the game. You’ll want to know how to fix it if you want to ensure that your handsome or pretty face becomes part of this universe then. Read our WWE 2K20 Image Uploader bug guide for more and, hopefully, you’ll be able to show off your wrestling moves in-game very soon.

WWE 2K20 Image Uploader Bug | Unable to scan face

WWE 2K20 Image Uploader Bug

As we mentioned, players are finding that they can’t scan their faces. This isn’t the first time that issues with this technology have occurred as it also happened in WWE 2K19.

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However, you won’t be bothered about those games and you’ll want to upload your face to the newest edition in the franchise. You should be able to head to the game’s official site, navigate to “Community Creations,” and follow the instructions on the screen to upload your face.

However, threads have popped up on the game’s sub-Reddit as players complain that the technology isn’t working. With the game having been out for 24 hours at the time of writing, some are growing frustrated that 2K and Visual Concepts didn’t get this sorted ahead of release.

How to fix WWE 2K20 Image Uploader Bug

WWE 2K20 Image Uploader Bug

Unfortunately, there isn’t a fix for this issue yet. However, 2K Games are aware that the Image Uploader isn’t working as it should be.

A 2K support response to one annoyed Reddit user revealed that “the development team has been notified” and “are working towards a solution.” There’s no time scale on when it’ll be fixed but, if the team is aware of it, it shouldn’t be too long. Hopefully, this will be the one and only time that the Image Uploader has issues.