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Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific Maps | Is Wake Island Returning?

The Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific maps are going to include three new theatres of war, one of them being an undeniable crowd pleaser. However, Chapter 5: War in the Pacific adds a lot more than that, with the highlight being the addition of two new factions for you to choose from, each one with its iconic military equipment and outfits: The U.S. Armed Forces and the Imperial Japanese Army.

Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific Maps | Fan-favorite Wake Island returns

Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific Maps Wake Island Returning

War in the Pacific is adding three new maps, two of them with a release slated for October 31. The third map, a new installment of Wake Island, is coming sometime later in December 2019. Here are the expansion maps:

  • Iwo Jima (October 31, 2019)
  • Pacific Storm (October 31, 2019)
  • Wake Island (December 2019)

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Wake Island is the map that is drawing all the attention since Electronic Arts briefly teased it in the War in the Pacific official trailer. The few seconds of aerial footage were enough to confirm that it is the famous map seen in other Battlefield games, including Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2. The Wake Island map returns in a reimagined format, with its iconic layout being a perfect battleground for infantry warfare and vehicular combat. Luring the opposing forces into choke points and keeping on the move is crucial to take the upper hand in this map.

The Iwo Jima map will focus the battle on the thinner side of the island, set across wide-open black beaches but also funneling some parts of combat into narrow tunnels. The Pacific Storm map is a setting where both squads will have to face a third opponent, a blinding storm. This map will also feature some shades of Paracel Storm, a Battlefield 4 map. Moving between islands and keeping control of the vital points is a strategy that every soldier will have to sustain.