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Borderlands 3 Electric Banjo | How to get the Legendary Artifact

With over a billion guns, the ever-popular Borderlands 3 has plenty of stuff for players to do. For example, while playing through the story, players can collect Legendary Artifacts, like the Electric Banjo, in order to boost their abilities, making their playthrough a little bit easier. Here is everything you need to know about the Borderlands 3 Electric Banjo location as well as how to get the Legendary Artifact.

Borderlands 3 Electric Banjo Location

Borderlands 3 Electric Banjo

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If the Electric Banjo Legendary Artifact sounds familiar, it’s because it is an ode to an item from the game series Risk of RainThe Electric Banjo is made from Eridium and gives players a chance to hit their enemies with shock damage. Specifically, it offers a 20% chance to deal shock damage to an enemy for every shot that is landed.

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Finding the Borderlands 3 Electric Banjo can be a little bit tricky, as it is only available on Eden-6. Thankfully, it can be found in any loot source on Eden. This means that it can drop from enemies, be found in a washing machine, or any of the random chests you might find along the way. However, you have an increased chance of finding the Electric Banjo location when you defeat the Psychobillies.

As you can see in the image above, the Electric Banjo item looks like a glowing ring with an orange haze around it. Unfortunately, everyone won’t be able to use the item, as you’ll have to Level 27 to equip it. However, if you come across one, you can always pick it up and hold onto it until you’ve reached the necessary level. Or, if you’re strapped for cash, you can sell it off for $792. Now that you know what the item does, get out there and start shocking some enemies.