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Does The Outer Worlds let you Romance Companions?

At long last, we can finally visit The Outer Worlds. What a lot of you want to know about the game, however, is does The Outer Worlds let you romance companions? Romance options are relatively normal in the world of RPGs so of course, people are asking about The Outer Worlds romance companions options. In this guide, we will let you know the answer to “are there The Outer Worlds romance options?”

The Outer Worlds Romance Companions | Are there romance options in The Outer Worlds?

The Outer Worlds romance companions

If you’re wondering if there are any romance options in The Outer Worlds, we’re here to tell you that there aren’t. There are no The Outer Worlds romance companions options throughout the game. You cannot have a relationship that’s anything more than platonic in The Outer Worlds with any character.

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Throughout The Outer Worlds, you will pick up new companions, who should help you out in a variety of different ways. For better or for worse, however, there are no romance options for any of them throughout the entire game. That means you won’t be able to form any kind of romantic relationship with companions such as Ellie, Felix, Parvati, or anyone else. We’re sorry to disappoint you if this is what you were after.

Speaking to Twinfinite about the decision to not include any kind of The Outer Worlds romance options, the game’s senior designer Brian Hines explained that adding in romance options takes “a lot of time and commitment.” Hines explains that the developers didn’t want to have romance options in The Outer Worlds and do it poorly. He adds that Obsidian ultimately decided to focus its efforts in other areas, concluding that romance options were something the company couldn’t “really tackle” at the time.