What are emotes in Call of Duty Mobile?

One of the things that competitive players enjoy the most is bragging, and this is where emotes usually come in. What are emotes in Call of Duty Mobile? It’s a question that some of you may be asking, curious about their nature and how you can use them in the heat of the battle. This guide will let you know more about emotes in Call of Duty Mobile so that you’re not caught unaware after a legendary headshot.

What are emotes in Call of Duty Mobile | How many emotes exist?

The Call of Duty Mobile emotes are unlocked through progress and are silly ways of showing your alleged dominance over other players. Currently, there are a little over a dozen emotes in the global version:

  • Salute
  • Recognize Me
  • Mad Respect
  • Cut-throat
  • Fist Pump
  • Yeah Buddy
  • Muscle Show
  • Two Thumbs Up
  • Sweep This
  • Clucked Up
  • Poplock
  • Selfie
  • Gunslinger

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You’ll surely recognize some of the Call of Duty Mobile emotes from other games, such as the Clucked Up emote, which is clearly a variation on Fortnite’s Take the L. Your preferred emote will be displayed when your team wins, but you can use them during a match as well.

What are emotes in Call of Duty Mobile | How can I use them?

What are emotes in Call of Duty Mobile

Using Call of Duty Mobile emotes during a match is a really simple process. You start by going to your loadout and selecting the Customization option, which is the one with the thumbs-up icon. This is where you’ll find the emotes and sprays listings, both being usable in-game. You have a preview of the emotes and when you like what you see, tapping Equip will open the radial menu.

After choosing a slot for your favorite emotes and sprays, you can close the loadout and start a match. While playing, tap the small thumbs up icon on top of the screen to open the emotes and sprays menu. Tap on the emote of your liking and the camera will switch to a third-person perspective, displaying the emote in all its glory. Don’t get too cocky, though; nothing prevents you from getting shot while bragging about your skills.