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Modern Warfare Ground War Removed | Where is Ground War?

Seeing the Modern Warfare Ground War removed at launch is something that many players weren’t exactly anticipating. This mode was playable during the beta and became one of the highlights, with its electrifying 32 vs. 32 warfare. But those numbers are far from the limit, with Infinity Ward shooting for over 100 simultaneous players. However, the question that many players are asking themselves right now is “Where is Ground War?” Could it be gone for good, or will it make a comeback soon?

Modern Warfare Ground War removed | When is Ground War coming to Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare Ground War Removed Where is Ground War

The Modern Warfare Ground War mode pits you against several other players in a sprawling multiplayer battlefield where tanks and helicopters play a huge role in the outcome of the conflict. This makes for a refreshing change from the tight 2 vs. 2 maps that encourage speedier close-quarters battles. While the only map revealed during the beta was the Karst River Quarry map, other maps will surely come soon, requiring different approaches to the terrain.

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The great news is that the Modern Warfare Ground War mode wasn’t deleted from existence for some inexplicable reason. Infinity Ward is bringing the multiplayer mode back into the game later today, more specifically during Friday night. This was announced with an official tweet by developer Infinity Ward on October 24, although some players weren’t pleased with such a short notice.

On Reddit, players are complaining because seeing the Modern Warfare Ground War removed seems like a huge drawback. Some users are wondering what difference a single day would make in the grand scheme of things, speculating that Infinity Ward took this path for launch day to avoid server crashes. Not that Modern Warfare has worked flawlessly so far, it must be said.

When faced with this delay, other Modern Warfare fans decided to opt for more drastic decisions, including canceling preorders, but this was probably more of a sarcastic rant. However, others said that this is “the first of many disappointments,” a comment that is bound to come with every yearly Call of Duty release. Not everyone agrees, considering that a one-day delay is far from disastrous, and that Modern Warfare still offers a lot of content to keep players busy until the Ground War mode is finally deployed.

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