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How to fix The Outer Worlds small text size

The Outer Worlds is finally here, and it’s been getting stellar reviews as it goes beyond the Fallout games it draws from. However, players have run into an issue that’s literally hurting their eyes — the small text in the game’s UI. For those concerned about this, here’s how to make the in-game text larger, at least on PC.

The Outer Worlds small text size | how to fix on PC

How to fix The Outer Worlds small text size

For those wondering if there’s a way to make the size of the text bigger, the answer is yes. However, the fix only exists for the PC version. The solution isn’t something that’s found within the game’s own settings. Instead, fixing the issue involves actually editing some of Unreal Engine 4’s settings outside the game.

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The method to change the text size was discovered by ChocoTacoz who then shared it in Reddit. The redditor simply used their knowledge of Unreal Engine 4’s script files to figure out where the option to adjust the text size would be.

The fix the issue, players of The Outer Worlds need to search for the Engine.INI file. The location of this file changes depending on whether the version of The Outer Worlds is the Epic Games Store,  or  Xbox Game Pass version. Once players have found the file, they need to open it in an editor like Notepad, and add the following line to the bottom.

[/Script/Engine.UserInterfaceSettings] ApplicationScale=1.25

Take note that value at the end is what determines the scaling of the text. For the above example, ChocoTacoz stated that “1.25 is the “sweet spot” for the game running at 4K, 2160p resolution. Players running on different resolutions may have to use different scaling.

The Outer Worlds Small Text Size | Will Obsidian fix it for console?

While being able to fix the issue on PC is good, being able to do so on console is arguably more important. Console players tend to play seated much further away from their screens after all. Now, the game does provide an in-game option to make the text slightly bigger, though not by much. Luckily, it looks like Obsidian is not only aware of the issue, but also looking to fix it as soon as possible.

In a recent tweet, Obsidian’s product director Alec Frey confirmed that the studio is aware of the issue. “Thanks a ton for making sure this gets to us!” stated Frey. “I’m happy to double check this issue is in our database today and is properly prioritized!”

Of course, this does mean that console players will have to wait a bit for the issue to be addressed. Here’s hoping Obsidian is able to get the fix out sooner, rather than later.